BIG questions

It's here!

In paperback and hardcover!

I hear you asking, but WHY Julia, why is it available in both formats simultaneously?  Are we confused about how the scarcity model and publishing industry work? No, dear reader, the hardcover is a limited edition with tons of great ephemera, including a signed and numbered bookplate,

reproductions of the original comic book covers,


maps of the crash site, and much more!

In the past few days, I have, as Tracy put it, been immersed in Anders's world. It's a world much like our own, with all the confusions and complexities we deal with every day distilled to their very essence and expressed from the perspective of a handful of all-too-human finches. The Montreal Mirror's Matthew Woodley explains Big Questions eloquently: "a broad, existential exploration ... that doesn’t take itself too seriously."

Big Questions is the culmination of over a decade of comic books produced by Anders Nilsen. While the individual comics are beautiful and moving (and charming and funny) in ways that not much else out there is, the sheer power of Anders's illustrations is breath-taking in the collected work. Better still, we've got him scheduled to come launch the book here next month (Thursday September 22nd at 7 pm at the Librairie). If, like me, you CANNOT WAIT, come grab a copy now and study up before the undoubtedly awesome launch party.

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