Kids! Summer is almost over! Get reading before the grind of...daycare...and preschool? Sure!

George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends by James Marshall isn't new, but it is just so darned good and lovely that I can't help mentioning it here today. And it's new to the store so, please, stop by and check out these adorable hippo buddies. It includes a foreword by Maurice Sendak and small essays by notable children books authors on their appreciation for Marshall's work.

I love the detail to the history of these characters. It makes the stories feel like an actual continuation of their lives, rather than figures in a stand still of time. For example:

George loses his (favorite!) tooth rollerskating and it makes him the saddest hippo on the block...

But then! The dentist gives him a brand new tooth, one that is gold and shiny...

And every story about George and Martha afterward depicts George with his stylin' gold tooth.

Monkey See, Monkey Draw by Alex Beard IS a new book. Brand spankin' new. And it is fantastic.

A book of games and fear of the unknown and, ultimately, how awesome drawing and making art is. The drawings in this book begin with finger prints and expand into giddy jumping monkeys. We then see, through cave drawings, that most animals can be drawn via hand and fingerprints. I kind of want to go home and start drawing my own jungle.

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