The 11th issue of Bad Day Magazine is out! It features "Mike Mills, David Shrigley, Tomi Ungerer, Tauba Auerbach, Steven Shearer, Andrew Kuo, Martino Gamper, a Hangover and a Joke."

I was just as surprised as the interviewer when I find out that David Shrigley looks so tall and healthy - no offense!!

Just look at these Prada sunglasses (to-die-for) in the full-color fashion spread.

Another sweet magazine to come out of that shipment is the new issue of the thrice-yearly Canadian Notes & Queries. On top of being wonderfully designed by D+Q artist Seth (like every issue since the 79th), it features a 6-page comic of his titled Jocko, the Little Scotsman!

The majority of the content in this Collectors' Issue is non-comics, with contributors like Laura Boudreau, John Metcalf, Ian Young and Darryl Whetter for example, but it does contain a short 2-page excerpt of D+Q artist Zach Worton's (The Klondike) adaptation of Sheila Watson's The Double Hook!

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