We've got new issues from some old favourites and introducing a soon to be favourite...

The summer 2011 issue of Cabinet is here. The theme for this issue of the "Quarterly of Art and Culture" is forgetting. Quality assurance guaranteed.

n+1 is printed three times a year. The Fall 2011 (issue #12) issue collects essays on politics, current events, and literature as well as fiction, poetry, and reviews (On Pitchfolk, On The Book of Mormon...). This issue's theme: "Conversion Experience". For a glimpse at the contents, see here.

Remedy Quarterly is new to this store. Based out of Brooklyn, Remedy (subtitle: Stories of Food, Recipes for Feeling Good) is a community effort designed to capture in print the comfort and joy of home remedies and home cooking. Each issue features a different set of contributors sharing their stories and thoughts (and accompanying recipes!) on food, glorious food. We've got the current and all four back issues in stock.

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