Upcoming Events!

On the heels of announcing our upcoming Fiction Funnies event (August 17!), now seems like the perfect time to mention that we have just updated our Events page here on the Librairie D+Q website! All events held at (or hosted by) D+Q's 211 Bernard store are listed on this page, so make sure to check on it regularly. (It's on the bar to the left, right below the newsletter link)

The fall will be busy at the 211. So. Excited.

August 17th - Katrina Best, Cordelia Strube and Teri Vlassopoulos
September 15th - Sina Queyras launches AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CHILDHOOD
September 22nd - Anders Nilsen launches BIG QUESTIONS
September 23rd - Craig Thompson launches HABIBI
September 24th - Art Spiegelman launches META MAUS at the SBC Gallery
September 29th - Pan Bouyoucas launches TATTOO
September 30th - Gillian Sze & Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst
October 7th - Adrian Norvid launches NOGOODNIKS
October 19th - Daniel Clowes and Seth at the Ukrainian Federation
October 26th - Double Book Launch with Stephanie Bolster & Heather Jessup
November 5th - Kevin Chong launches BEAUTY PLUS PITY

More details on these events will be coming shortly on the events page, in our bi-monthly newsletter (make sure you check the Quebec box to receive news from the store), on our Facebook page and right here on the blog of course!

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