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Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Fanta

This week was very exciting because we (finally!) received some big, wonderful, white boxes from Fantagraphics.

A lot of old staples have been re-stocked in the store (which means that Daniel Clowes, Joe Sacco, and Robert Crumb have quietly taken over the Librairie). But we also have a lot of new goodies!

Namely, The Comics Journal #301, which is a brick. But justifiably so! This book is PACKED with the good stuff: an interview with Robert Crumb on The Book of Genesis plus a roundtable discussion on Genesis; an interview with Joe Sacco on Footnotes in Gaza; sketchbooks from Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley, and Stephen Dixon; a review of D+Q's Black Blizzard; and so much more that it is almost ridiculous.

Check out this video to take a quick walk through the book:

F.B. & M.B. Present Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising is a look at advertising from 1870-1940. It's fascinating to see the degree to which cartoons and drawings played a prominent role in the selling of America. There's even some Dr. Seuss in here!

If you need a book to visually accompany Nicholson Baker's House of Holes, may I suggest Celluloid by Dave McKean? It is quite the dirty dirty dirty book. Celluloid is wordless so as to make room for the diversely approached (and oh-so-graphic) imagery.

Last up: Shimura Takako's Wandering Son Vol. 1, the story of a girl who wants to be a boy, and a boy who wants to be a girl. Adressing LGBT issues in a delicate and perceptive manner, this manga is unusually subtle.
However, resident D+Qer Julien is more well-versed in manga than I, so keep a look out for a blog post by him where he'll talk about Wandering Son in more depth.

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