Trampoline Hall with Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti

As those of you who made it in on Tuesday August 2nd can attest, our Trampoline Hall / The Chairs Are Where the People Go launch event was a raging success. Apologies to anyone who did not get in, and thanks to everyone who came out!

All three of the presenters were local folks, and the whole shebang was curated by Mark Slutsky, who also graciously agreed to share his (infinitely superior) photographic skills with us. The night kicked off with a presentation from Marci Denesiuk on Shadow Puppetry and Evolution. She demonstrated some really impressive hand shadows, including a finger-locking bunny that I suspect may only be achievable after an extended regimen of hand calisthenics. After Marci, Jesse Staniforth took the stage to explain the relevance of the theory of relativity within a context of 1990s fractals, lederhosen, and drug use. Then we took a quick intermission.

The second half of the night comprised readings by Misha and Sheila from The Chairs Are Where the People Go and a third Trampoline Hall lecture by Anthony Kinik. Anthony spoke about the history of the Evil Eye and its effects on his family. The whole evening was a delight - the lectures, readings, and Q&As all contributed to an unforgettable event.

Thanks to Marci, Jesse, and Anthony; to Mark, who both curated and distributed programs charmingly; to the people at Sala; to everyone who asked (pretty darn good!) questions; to star Librairie staffers Fiona and Julien; and, of course, to Misha and Sheila, for writing an amazing book and letting us help them launch it!

Let the photo blast begin!
The chairs are where the people go

Backstage at La Sala Rossa

Marci Denesiuk presenting on Shadow Puppets and Evolution

Q&A Time

Misha and presenter Jesse Staniforth (The Theory of Relativity)

Sheila and Misha field questions about their friendship and The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Anthony Kinik presents on the Evil Eye, Misha takes notes

Sherwin Tjia reps his set design

Misha and Sheila sign books 
All photos courtesy of Mark Slutsky. Again, thank you Mark!

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