Adrian Norvid's Nogoodniks - Out Now!

Noted artist and "Heavy Hitter" Adrian Norvid just released his first book! It's published by D+Q, and it really is unlike any other art book I've ever seen and played with - minds: get out of the gutter, you'll see what I mean when you find out how much and how well Norvid has experimented with the book format...

Nogoodniks sees fine art crossed with the incisive humour and sardonic wit from, imho, one of Montreal's most exciting artists. Its pages alternate between cartoonish caricatures, parodies of commercial products, and tongue-in-cheek self-congratulatory affirmations that the author has written to himself. By pairing childish, crude imagery or messages with a refined and appealing drawing style, Norvid points out the fun in doing and saying things your mom told you not to.

Don't miss the opportunity to do and say things your mom told you not to and, more importantly, hear from and meet Adrian Norvid, at the Book Launch for Nogoodniks on Friday October 7th - 7pm, right here at the bookstore!

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