Brian Ralph's Daybreak!

I'm the kind of comic book reader that Adrian Tomine confronts at the close of his most recent (and most incredible, it's really good guys) issue of Optic Nerve, the kind that doesn't actually read comic books.

It's not that I've given up on that "throw-away, ancillary" medium like the reader above, it's that I'm of the trade paperback generation. I've done the floppy thingit's how I first read the Dark Knight Returns and I'll occasionally pick up a new issue of Love & Rocketsbut it's hard to keep up, to collect them all, especially when you're entering a series mid-way through. That's why I am so delighted that Brian Ralph's Daybreak is finally bound between two hard textured covers!

Originally serialized with Bodega, the final collected version has just been released by Drawn & Quarterly. Daybreak is an alternative take on a zombie comic. To be honest that's all I know about it. That and that it's supposed to be smart, funny, surprising, artful. So you'll have to excuse me as I take off to go finally read this graphic novel and leave you with some more informed opinions...

“Brian Ralph’s comics present more than meets the eye, but they’re eye candy, too, and work well as fantasy stories that cover a specific landscape over a period of time roughly equivalent to the experience of seeing how they unfold. I find them immensely pleasurable.”
—Tom Spurgeon, Comics Reporter

“Brian Ralph’s adventure stories combine the hand-crafted charm of indie comics with the well-thought-out thrills of good pulp.”
—The Onion, The A.V. Club

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