Forming Vol 1


Nobrow has recently released Forming by Jesse Moynihan, the first of a (sure to the epic) trilogy. Nobrow describes this book as "an eon-spanning comedy, ...detailing the spawning of worlds, and the trajectory of consciousness on Earth." 

Please take my word for it: this book is completely bananas. In the best possible sense. There are bizarre futuristic creatures mixed in with species from 10,000 BCE mixed in with today's internet influenced dialect.

It will make you laugh out loud. Whether through Moynihan's sharp humour or through the sheer bananas of the story, you will laugh out loud. So, beware of reading this book on transit or around someone you want to impress with your stoic seriousness.

Epic fight scene! Which seems to have a Lucha Libre quality to it.
A prehistoric Swoony McSwoonerson

An example of the 'bananas' I was talking about: space rays, and mammoths, and people flying in fire bubbles.

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