Hot on the heels of 2009's Hot Potatoe, Marc Bell's 272-page monograph with full-color images of sculptures, drawings, writing, and comix, D+Q just released a second hardcover of his: Pure Pajamas!

Pure Pajamas collects Marc Bell’s best material from his syndicated weekly comic strip for the Montreal Mirror and the Halifax Coast, as well as a host of anthologies such as Kramers Ergot, EXPO, Maow Maow and more, featuring his reoccurring characters Kevin, Ol' Simp, Chia-Man, Mr. Socks, and Shrimpy and Paul. 

Throughout PURE PAJAMAS, Bell creates symbiotic relationships of his fantasy ecosystems, drawn in a rubbery big-foot style. Reminiscent of the sixties comics of R. Crumb but with a kind of bemused detachment in place of Crumb’s ire, Bell addresses the big issues of what it’s like to live in today’s world.

Take a look at a quick preview of this very exciting release you guys:

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