Roadsworth Event Recap

Last night it was our great pleasure to have Montreal street artist Roadsworth, a.k.a Peter Gibson, in store to launch his new book, Roadsworth. The entire evening was delightful. Thanks for everything, Peter! Below are some pictures. Here's how the night went down: we kicked things off with an intro from co-editor and Goose Lane art director Julie Scriver. She told us how thrilling it was to be able to riffle through 4000 photos of Roadsworth's projects. 

After that, the man himself talked - a somewhat unconventional, but awfully fun artist's talk, where he focused on the unfulfilled projects along the way. One particular highlight was a story about attempting a round of hockey at 24 Sussex Drive. The talk was accompanied by a show-and-tell of sorts, with Roadsworth passing around sample projects begun and never completed, and showing photos of his work. Afterwards he signed books and chatted while Scott (sadly undocumented here) played some sweet tunes. 

Thanks to everyone who came out! 

Roadsworth and his newest fan, Eden

Crowd shot early on 

Julie Scriver, art director at Goose Lane and co-editor of the book, introduces Roadsworth

Roadsworth begins his show-and-tell presentation

The evidence against him mounts up...

Show-and-tell, part 2!

Signing books

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