Sina Queyras launches Autobiography of Childhood

Join us this coming Thursday September 15th at 7pm for the launch of acclaimed critic, poet, Governor General Award nominee and Concordia prof extraordinaire Sina Queyras's debut novel AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CHILDHOOD. The narrative takes place over one day, and is told by the five siblings of the Combal family as they grapple with the earlier death of a brother and prepare themselves for the loss of another. Queyras is the author of several collections of poetry including Slip (2001) and Lemon Hound (2006). Her last collection of poetry, Expressway, was nominated for a Governor General's Award and won Gold at the National Magazine Awards. Autobiography of Childhood is Queyras's first novel. 

The evening will consist of a reading by Queyras and a Q&A session moderated and hosted by Darren Wershler will follow.

And here are some words on Queyras's Autobiography of Childhood from fantastic fellow Canadian poet/novelists Dionne Brand and Zoe Whittall: 

"Queyras's novel scores the jagged incisions of childhood. How her characters escape or embrace or succumb to the damage, she manages through an exquisite prose that cannot comfort them, nor ease us. Yet we cannot help but be held by the language."
–Dionne Brand (Land to Light On, What We All Long For, Inventory)

"Fans of Queyras’s poetry will not be disappointed by her trademark whimsical rhythms and imagery; newcomers will be drawn into a fascinating story about a family dealing with its own particular brand of crazy."
–Zoe Whittall (Bottle Rocket Hearts, The Middle Ground)

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