Window Play: Kid Koala Edition

Yesterday, I got the chance to do something fun that was a little out of my ordinary bookselling job description. Kid Koala's wife, Cori, and I spent the afternoon setting up a window display inspired by Space Cadet, the book and soundtrack Kid Koala will be launching at the Librairie next Friday.

And it looks GREAT. But you can't really photograph its awesomeness in entirety because of the sunlight and the reflective-things-glare. So here are its constituent awesomebits:

Cori correcting the flight path of the mini Space Cadet

Giant Space Cadet in flight!

7-inch vintage record player listening station!

Giant book cover!
Space plants! Ain't they lovely?
Space plants as rendered by Kid Koala
Maybe, at this point, you're wondering about the book that inspired the window display. Space Cadet is the second wordless graphic novel set to a soundtrack DJ and musician Kid Koala has released. The music and book are meant to be experienced together. From Resident Advisor: "Space Cadet includes fifteen songs which can stand alone in their own right, as well as part of the soundtrack narrative which charts the fate of an elusive space cadet and her guardian. The relationship between the pair is reportedly the vehicle for Koala to explore the connection between technology, isolation and the solace of the family unit."

If you'd rather hear it in his own words, from the back cover of Space Cadet:

Back cover of Space Cadet

Come on out, y'all! This promises to be a unique experience, with a reading, a performance by Kid Koala, and GAMES WITH PRIZES, not to mention something mysteriously called "reverse Q+A". Friday September 16th, 7 pm, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard O.)

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