Did you know that we have approximately 10000000000 things in common with Bad Day Magazine?

The magazine itself is awesome, and Julien already pointed out that we have copies of issue number 11. BUT. I feel dutybound to admit this:

We carry books by almost all the people featured in the current issue: Mike Mills (Beginners: Drawings by Mike Mills), David Shrigley (presently in stock: The Book of Shrigley, Worried Noodles, Let's Wrestle, Red Book), Tomi Ungerer (Adelaide, Moon Man, and Otto: the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear), Steven Shearer (Steven Shearer: Exhume to Consume), and, last but not least, Andrew Kuo (What Me Worry).

Check out the documentary evidence:

And all the books are really, truly great. But the one that tickled me pink was Andrew Kuo's What Me Worry.

Perhaps this was influenced by reading an interview with him while simultaneously encountering his hilarious, beautiful book.  It's a mystery monograph: cookbook, personal history, infographical experiment, and of course, reproductions of paintings and artist statements. Now I know that might not sound good from the outside, but it all works. GOOD Magazine refers to it as a collection of "endearingly nerdy and often compulsive works". It totally won me over. Still mystified? Here are some examples:

Infographic 1: "I Have to Admit"

Infographic 2: "Anatomy of a Wasted Work Day on October 9, 2008 (Stuffy Nose Face)"

Selected other charts / infographics include: "Some Animal Collective Recordings", "Everything bums me out about everything, people and sandwiches alike", "The First Two Hours of My Morning After a Night of Power-drinking on Sept 23, 2008", "Twelve Artists that I Wish I Was (Work-wise)".

Recipe 1: "Weird Tofu with Peas and Curry"

"... add a nice spoonful or two of curry power. Use the kind from the red and yellow can. It's so much better."

Recipe 2:  "Japchae"

"Google the word japchae. Look at pictures of it. [...] You can get crazy and maybe add a pinch of curry powder. Wait, I did that the other night and it was gross."

Quote from Bad Day interview:

What Me Worry and Kuo's Bad Day interview hand-in-hand (book-in-book?):

Anyway, if you're still not convinced, I'll just say this: each page is a delight - funny, poignant, surprising. Thanks, Bad Day and Andrew Kuo! And a shout-out to Jason Schwartzman for bringing us the interview and being a charmer too.

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