Art of Fielding

With killer reviews from the New York Times, the New Yorker, the A.V. Club,  and the National Post, Chad Harbach's debut novel The Art of Fielding has hit it out of the park. Harbach swung big. Has thrown us a curve ball. He exclaims "YOU'RE OUT!" to all other competing authors.

What I'm saying is: The Art of Fielding is a baseball novel. A really excellent, compelling baseball novel that doesn't require you to be apart of a fantasy baseball league to enjoy it. 

Harbach, co-editor of N+1 (if you ever doubted his cred), talks of the novel's main character, Henry, with the Paris Review:
"For Henry the diamond is safety and refuge—he knows what will be demanded of him out there, and he knows that he can provide it. The game is complex, of course, but it holds out the hope of being perfectly knowable. Life is much scarier, its demands much more shifty and unknowable. I guess what happens to Henry is that he’s spent his entire career striving to make life as simple as baseball. It works for a while, but it’s a doomed project, and suddenly baseball becomes as complex as life."

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