I bought 1Q84 at 11 AM today!

Hopefully this post makes up for the fact that I have not written my blog post on Jeffrey Eugenides' THE MARRIAGE PLOT yet. I stopped by the Librairie today before it opened (one of the perks of the job, people!) to buy a copy of the new Murakami book 1Q84! NEW MURAKAMI! Can you hear me people? NNNNEEEEWWWWW MUUUUUUUURAKAAAAAMIIIIIIIII! (in my best Oprah voice)

As if the mere fact that there is a new Murakami book doesn't send you running to our store at this very moment, and you need convincing, check out the huge profile from Sunday's New York Times Magazine. Or you can read the excerpt of the book in the New Yorker.

Also design nerds, pal of D+Q, Chip Kidd, tricks the book out with a gorgeous vellum jacket. Note to self: buy books at the end of the work day not at the beginning unless you want to stare at the book all day.

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