Readers, may I present you to: kuš! A Baltic Magazine!

kuš! why don't you introduce yourself: 
kuš! (speak kush!) is the only comics magazine in the Baltics. Every issue contains comics from international and Latvian artists to a certain theme which changes every issue. The aim of "kuš!" is to popularize comics in a country where comics are practically non-existent and promote Latvian artists abroad. (qtd. from website)

The pure variety found in their publications is astounding. Each artist contributing to the issues and anthologies is distinct and individual in their style. I especially love their anthology #8, which has the theme of gardens. Meaning: SO MANY garden gnomes!

Here is a small selection of the goods you will find in kuš!

I think Drawn and Quarterly is one of the only stores in North America to carry this publication, so come on by and check them out. Learn a bit about Latvia's comic scene.

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