MetaMaus is out!

Art Spiegelman's companion to his Pulitzer-winning, game-changing graphic memoir Maus, MetaMaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic is here! Developed out of a series of taped interviews with leading comics scholar Hilary Chute (Graphic Woman: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics), MetaMaus is essential reading for any comics and Spiegelman fan, especially for the nerdy scholars among us. The book takes on three main questions Why the Holocaust? Why Mice? Why Comics?— answering them through a collection of interviews with the artist and his family, as well as through archival material (family photos, original art from the making of Maus, historical reference sources) and new comics created specifically for the project. The latter discussion of "Why Comics?" is particularly interesting as it lays out Spiegelman's well-considered history of and theories about the comics medium, how it works and what it can do. The book ends with a 50-page transcript of the interviews Art conducted with his father Vladek during the process of writing Maus. Included in MetaMaus is also a DVD with a digitized reference copy of The Complete Maus linked with audio interviews with Vladek Spiegelman and scans from the artist's private notebooks and sketches. 

What's more? We've got signed copies of the book! That's right, the Spiegs himself touched these books!

Here's a peak inside the first few pages of MetaMaus...

Inside cover with DVD.
Why the Holocaust? Why Mice? Why Comics?
Spiegelman's autographic style.
And just for kicks, one of my favourite archival photos: Art with his partner, current New Yorker Art Director, co-founder of RAW magazine, and publisher of the Toon Books series for kids, Francoise Mouly (what a babe).

Want more? Here's a great trailer for the book, including material from the DVD...

And lastly... For a limited time, buy a copy of MetaMaus and receive 25% off the Maus I and II paperback box, while supplies last! We've also got a few signed copies of one of my favourites, Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*!, left.

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