New Fiction

Everyone, clear your schedules. You've got some reading to do! Once you have completed Murakami's tome IQ84 (or Q-teen eighty four, as I'm told it is pronounced), there are some other new releases that say "Hey! (pokepokepoke) Buddy! what about me? I`m pretty fantastic too."

Giller Prize winner (and Canadian!) Johanna Skibsrud, of the much-aclaimed The Sentamentalists (2009), has just released a new book of short stories. Skibsrud goes into the lives of the ordinary folk, unraveling the extraordinary in the ordinary. The National Post describes the stories in the book as having "promising setups, and compelling premises, with the intention of exploring the nature of alienation and isolation and the manner in which both – ironically – bring human beings together while cleaving them apart."

Aside from having a killerexcellent cover, Helen Oyeyemi's Mr. Fox is also said to be a pretty killerexcellent novel. The novel starts with it's title character Mr. Fox, a writer (and a married fox, I should add) whose written muse has come to life. She becomes both a tangible and intangible escape from reality. They involve themselves in a flirtatious game of storytelling, each other adding on to the story that the other has told. ...Until! Mrs. Fox, Daphne, catches onto their game and involves herself into Mr.Fox and the muse's narrative. If the book sounds kind of bonkers, that's probably because it is. Though, bonker books tend to be the best kind of books. But don't take my word for it, the New York Times likes it too. 

Colson Whitehead's Zone One presents a new interpretation of our doomed future. This post-apocalyptic novel imagines the future as a horror-filled reality. A plague has erupted, and all of civilization is separated into two categories: the infected and the uninfected. The infected are basically zombies, and Colson has invented a new sort of zombie figure: the straggler, one who exists in an suspended state, motioning only towards the routine of their former selves. A literary zombie novel, people! Just in time for Halloween.

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