Quarterly Heaven!

I go away for a week, just one week, people, and all the best quarterlies bring out the big guns! I dropped by the Adrian Norvid launch on Friday only to discover not just a new McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, but also the new Paris Review, and the new Granta. And they're all real purty of course.


Here we go - an epic adventure into quarterlyland.

McSweeney's 38:

This collection, as they tell you on their site, is a "real beauty... a grand tour, in prose, of a dozen places you have perhaps neglected to visit, up to now!" Within its pages, you'll find new fiction from Dave Eggers (enticingly entitled "Chapter 1"), Steven Millhauser, and Adam Levin. There's also an essay on Arab soldiers in Israel's army from Chanan Tigay, an extensive letters section, and...

... a comic book insert by Jack Teagle. You might recognize his work from his Nobrow comic and his contributions to their anthologies. We've had some Jack Teagle work kicking around off and on over the past year.

The Paris Review:

Fall 2011 is big! Interviews with Nicholson Baker and Dennis Cooper, new work from Geoff Dyer, and an essay on translation and Madame Bovary by writer and translator Lydia Davis.

Apart from the cover stories, this issue of the Paris Review features something I know you know we're excited about (which, *ahem*, might mean you should be excited about it too!): the third installment of The Third Reich, Roberto Bolano's first (never-before-published) novel. And the folks at the Paris Review have done a bang-up job of publishifying it - not only is it translated by longtime Bolano translator Natasha Wimmer, but as you'll see below, the installments are all illustrated by Librairie fave Leanne Shapton.

Granta: Ten Years Later

This issue of Granta features writing that 'conjures the complexity and sorrow of life since 11 September 2001.' They've collected some of my favourite writers, including Nicole Krauss, whose work I've been devouring this year. In true Granta fashion, the pieces within this issue focus on myriad effects and affects of the events on September 11th and the impacts of the events's aftershocks throughout the world. Other writers featured herein include: Tahar Ben Jelloun, Pico Iyer, and Anthony Shadid, as well as a wealth of other artists, photographers, and journalists I'm less familiar with.

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