Sogood Nogoodniks launch

I would like to personally thank Adrian Norvid for helping me work out my abs last night. Adrian launched his new D+Q book Nogoodniks with an artist talk that provoked the laughter equivalent of that rapid dragon breath exercise they get you to do in yoga class sometimes. I think I may have cackled at one point. Thanks also to everyone who came out last night; there's nothing like laughing in good company! And now the picture wrap-up; the night, in chronological order...

Adrian made this sweet giveaways box for the event, with exclusive prints for those who purchased a book.

Cocoa Ono!
Jessica introduces Adrian with her own dry routine.
Adrian opens with a definition of a curmudgeon. 


Adrian signs all his books with a rhyme on your name. "My parents specifically picked a name that wouldn't be easy to rhyme on the playground." "Well I don't know about that. Fiona, Fiona... Bona? A loner?"

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