Tonight at the Librairie: Joshua Knelman in conversation with Jonathan Goldstein

What a delight it was to pick up this book, start reading, get into it, and then discover that we are already scheduled to host the launch! Joshua Knelman's Hot Art : Chasing Thieves and Detectives Through the Secret World of Stolen Art is a journalistic account of Knelman's multi-year immersion in the world of art theft. From the opening Chapter 14 entitled "Montreal":
On September 4, 1972, at 10:30 AM, the white hallways and galleries of Montreal's Musée des Beaux-Arts were quiet save for the footsteps of one of three guards on duty, who had just finished his round on the second floor. Now we was ready for his break: a cup of tea, a moment of peace.

Three hooded men appeared and ordered him to the ground. The guard couldn't move fast enough for them. One of the men fired off a round from his sawed-off shotgun to punctuate the command. The slugs lodged in he ceiling high above them. The two other guards on duty heard the gun and rushed to the room. They were overpower, bound, and gagged.

All three guards were forced to lie down on the marble floor of Arthur Lismer Hall, listening and and squirming. It took an hour for one of the guards to wrangle himself free and call police. The thieves were expedient: their nocturnal visit to the museum lasted only thirty minutes.
You're totally hooked aren't you?

Joshua Knelman, award-winning arts and investigative journalist and editor, has spent the last seven years immersing himself in the corrupt world of art theft. In Hot Art, he travels from Cairo to New York, London, Montreal and Los Angeles, befriending colourful thieves and overwhelmed, determined detectives. And in a dramatic ending, he learns that the “good guys” aren’t always what they seem.

Come out TONIGHT Wednesday October 5th for the launch of Hot Art with Joshua Knelman will be in conversation with Jonathan Goldstein (CBC Radio’s Wiretap).

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