This Thursday: double launch for HIGHWAY OF THE ATOM and USEFUL CINEMA

This Thursday, December 1st at 7 pm, join us for the launch of The Highway of the Atom and Useful Cinema at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, 211 Bernard O. These two innovative works of cultural history by Montreal-based professors challenge conventional narratives about mid-twentieth century Canadian and American life. There will be readings, refreshments, and r...really interesting conversation!

The Highway of the Atom 
weaves together crucial missing pieces about the beginning of the Atomic Age, from the fur trade routes of the far North to the deserts of New Mexico and wartime Japan. Useful Cinema explores how institutions, including libraries, museums, classrooms, and professional organizations, helped to make moving images an ordinary feature of American life. Each volume illuminates neglected but shared dimensions of our past and helps us grapple with some of the most pressing questions about technology and media that face us today.

Peter van Wyck is the author of Signs of Danger: Waste, Trauma, and Nuclear Threat (2005). Charles Acland is the author of Swift Viewing: The Popular Life of Subliminal Influence (forthcoming 2012). And Haidee Wasson is the author of Museum Movies: The Museum of Modern Art and the Birth of Art Cinema (2005). All three are professors at Concordia University. This is our last book launch before the madness we call the Xmas season begins, so come on out, y'all!

Zines Everywhere!

We're right in the middle of Expozine weekend, it's bananas, I'm so stoked you guys.

First, a quick reminder that tomorrow is the second and last day of this year's edition of the major North American printed matter fair! Come hug the D+Q staff tabling the fair, come see me and my r&b diva comics in the corner by the stage, come see your friends from and out of town! Expozine is the best!

Also, here's a picture from the roundtable discussion that was part of yesterday's celebration of Expozine's 10th anniversary and launch for the Expozine-themed twelfth issue of Four Minutes to Midnight. The men of the night, Expozine co-founders and long-standing members, from left to right: Billy Mavreas (Monastiraki) Louis Rastelli (Archive Montreal, Distroboto), Andy Brown (Conundrum Press), and Pascal-Angelo Fioramore (les éditions Rodrigol), with MC extraordinaire Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (FOUR MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT)


Concordia cameras filmed the entire talk, stay tuned to see this great talk in action!  

Finally, let me spotlight a new item that is totally zine-related, because there's actually no such thing as being zined-out, so I'm sure you can take it (en français):


La Fabrique de Fanzines, par ses Ouvriers Mêmes, qui voit comme son titre l'indique les 5 artistes derrière ce projet de fabrication de fanzine itinérante et publique raconter sa genèse et son évolution à mesure de son succès retentissant à travers l'Europe.

Ce bel ouvrage respire la joie de la création et l'état d'esprit très spécifique à l'autopublication diy...

Inside Lucky Peach 2

I know we all know that Lucky Peach is awesome but here are two more reasons why: D&Q artist Vanessa Davis illustrating her experience trying out two of this issue's recipes, results hilarious; and Montreal's own Adam Leith Gollner, epicurean extraordinaire and fruit expert (author of The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession) on the search for "unpubescent" apricots. Both in this issue 2 of Lucky Peach...



Last Wednesday, Montrealers were treated to a night of nostalgia thanks to Michel Choquette’s talk about his long-awaited book THE SOMEDAY FUNNIES. Anecdotes, old timey videos, and vintage photos were enjoyed by all, as Michel explained the arduous process of collecting comic strips from 169 groundbreaking artists and writers such as Frederico Fellini, William S. Burroughs, Art Spigelman, and one of my all time favourite oddballs, Frank Zappa. What makes this book even more spectacular is the fact that it took over forty years to finally get published, due to constant battles with publishing houses who deemed the book to be too “eclectic” for publication (say what?!)

With the holidays around the corner, THE SOMEDAY FUNNIES is a perfect gift for all of you with baby boomer parents out there, or for any groovy cat who’s looking to learn more about the rock n’ rollin’ era of the 60s. Have a look for yourself, here are the contributions of Harvey Kurtzman (left) and Art Spiegelman (right):

Montreal! Get yer butts out of bed this weekend and head over to Expozine

Oh, that's right, mes freres, it's that time of year again. No, not "Black Friday," (which I take is some kind of American blood-pudding festival) but Montreal's favourite holiday, EXPOZINE. This is one of your rare chances to see "Mayor of Mile-End" Billy Mavreas south of Fairmount, so, please, don't let it go to waste! Seriously, though, this is a chance to see local (and non-local) zinesters and pierogies whose work you can't find elsewhere, so make sure to come check it out. I recommend heading down early since it gets CROWDED in that church basement. Here are the deets:

November 26-27, 12-6 p.m.
5035 St. Dominique, Montreal
free admission

(The mayor himself, Billy Mavreas!)

Oh, but that's not all! Tonight, Librairie D+Q is hosting an Expozine 10th Anniversary and FOUR MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT launch! It starts at 7 pm, and you can read all about it on good ol' facebook.

Tonight! Expozine launch!

Stop by for the Expozine 10th Anniversary and Four Minutes to Midnight launch! Tonight, Friday November 25, 7pm, Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard O.

There will be a round-table discussion with Expozine co-founders and long-standing members: Louis Rastelli, Andy Brown, Billy Mavreas, and Pascal-Angelo Fioramore, moderated by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo of FOUR MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.

20% off All Hardcover Fiction!

Santa, won't you please bring me...

Today I figured out why the capitalist Christmas machine starts the day after Halloween. Really, I can't believe it hadn't occurred to me before: it's because we need it. At least here up north. The days shorten, the snow comes, and with it a fleeting delight followed too quickly by panic and despair (it has only just begun). I can no longer wear leather-soled shoes. Or take my coffee outside. Is life even worth living anymore? But then the industry comes in— all those sparkly lights, the promise of eggnog and cookies and presents. (That's what the holidays are about right? Vanity, gluttony and greed?) This online shopping addict's inbox keeps reminding her that it's Black Friday tomorrow; just sending you a little message to let me know that everything is going to be o-kay, this year you can give and receive your way out of your seasonal affective disorder! I'm buying it. So, dear "Santa", here's my first list of beautiful new books I'm wishing for this season. K thanks!

1. Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by John Shade edited by Brian Boyd and illustrated by Jean Holabird.

Pale Fire may be my favourite Nabokov novel. Its structure is brilliant, a fictional text about a fictional text. The central text is a poem, Pale Fire, written by the recently assassinated poet John Shade. The poem is forwarded and heavily annotated by John Shade's neighbor, Charles Kinbote, a lecherous "expert" and editor of the supposed poetry book.

This new edition takes this fiction of a fiction and turns it into a physical reality. Here we have a box set, including a pocketbook of John Shade's Pale Fire and a stack of cue cards, facsimiles of the index cards John Shade used in composing his poem, printed exactly as Nabokov described them in his novel. The edition also comes with a pamphlet with two non-fiction essays (by real live scholars) about Pale Fire, the poem.




2. Momofuku Milk Bar is one of my favourite bakeries. They make this "crack pie" that is just so aptly named. Here is a cookbook filled with recipes from the New York establishment (part of David Chang's mini food empire which includes Momofuku, Milk, and the publication Lucky Peach). Because sugar is another means to getting through the snow.


3. R Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection. The book design explains it all...

Comics For The People

Just received this, Government Issue: Comics for the People, 1940s-2000s!

An incredible compendium of comics created solely to inform the public of the dangers and evils that could befall them if they weren't careful.

Comics by the heavy-hitters like Milt Caniff, Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, and Neal Adams appear within.

And check out this one about the hazards of mosquitos by Dr. Seuss and Munro Leaf.

The whole thing is a terrific -and at times disturbing- read as we get to see all the government-sponsored prejudices, propaganda, and fear-mongering we've weathered through the ages, all rendered beautifully in pen and ink by a formidable roster of talent.

Donald Duck & Pogo!

From Fantagraphics: Much anticipated collections of two comics giants!

The importance of Carl Barks' influence on comics cannot be overstated. The creator of Scrooge McDuck worked in anonymity within the Disney organization for years until 1960 when his identity was unveiled (with the help of a fan, John Spicer, and you can view the correspondence that started it all here) and his fans could finally know the name of the man who was creating many of their favorite comics.

Another big, big, BIG one is Walt Kelly. Essential satire from a master, Kelly's strip ran from 1948 until his death in 1973. This collection was first announced in 2007 and has finally arrived. Necessary stuff, comics fans. Check out this flip-through:

Paolini's Inheritance!

What was once a trilogy has become a "quadrology" with the publication of Christopher Paolini's newest (and final) entry in the Inheritance Cycle. The fastest-selling book of the year so far!
And don't worry we have paperback copies of the previous three (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr) as well as a beautiful hard-cover gift set of all four!
Also in stock for young (and older) readers is first book in a new series by John Stephens, The Emerald Atlas, which is getting tons of positive comparisons to the Golden Compass, The Hobbit, and the Harry Potter series.
Remember, all new, hard-cover fiction is 20% at Librairie D&Q!

Tomorrow! The Someday Funnies launch!

Join us for the launch of Michel Choquette's The Someday Funnies! Tomorrow, Wednesday November 23, 7pm, Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard O. 

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