FOOD AND TREMBLING: A study in awesomeness

How do you know when an event is a success? Here's a clue: when the bathroom blackboard reads 'OMG I LOVE JONAH' you know you've probably done something right, amirite Jonah? If that's not enough, here's another clue: you know things are pretty okay when the room is so packed there are a host of people sitting on the floor, and all of them are gazing up adoringly at the author reading from his/her book.

On Thursday we hosted Montrealer Jonah Campbell's launch for his brand new Invisible Publishing book, Food and Trembling. It was a resounding success - tons of people, fun readings, and delicious snacks provided by Camilla of the Preservation Society. Thanks for coming out, everyone!

Camilla toasts the homemade bourbon marshmallows that topped the s'mores

Jonah fixes a drink.


No doubt reading about the virtues of either East Side Marios or ham-flavoured potato chips

A rapt audience

And to all a good night, or as Jonah put it, "Excelsior!"

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