For little ones and older ones alike

We`ve got a bunch of new kids books in that should appeal to children, along with their parents, pets, and imaginary friends. Synopsis: For everyone!

You may remember Marcel the Shell with Shoes On from the charming, delightful, fetching, spirited, ambrosial (oh, look who's using a thesaurus) viral video of the same name from Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp. Well, I can tell you that the new picture book is equally as wonderful. Update: new Marcel the Shell video. oohh eee.

 The style reminds me of Maira Kalman`s illustrations, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

We also have a series of drawing books by Sachiko Umoto teaching you (yes! you!) how to draw plants, animals, and people. The books are in French, but if you can't read French, don't fret. All you really need are the illustrations, giving you a step by step guide to drawing an old man, a giraffe, or a Christmas tree for example. 

Makes me want to draw up a storm. Drawing party, anyone?

 Nursery Rhyme Comics took classic nursery rhymes and had renowned comic artists illustrate their take on the rhymes. Artists include Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Herdandez, James Sturm, Lilli Carre, Jordan Crane, Sara Varon, Tony Millionaire, Craig Thompson, I COULD GO ON! D+Q artists Kate Beaton, Matt Forsythe, and Vanessa Davis are also awesomely included.

Kate Beaton doin' her magic
Matt Forsythe. p.s. don't forget his new D+Q book, Jinchalo, will be coming out in Winter 2012!

And Vanessa Davis' interpretation of Cinderella

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