Thursday, 17 November 2011

Guess That Cartoonist!

Hey there, dear blog readers, feel like playing a little game? It's called "Guess That Cartoonist!" and the instructions are very simple: all you have to do is use that specialized visual lexicon of yours to identify the famous comics artist responsible for each of the following six clippings. Ready? And we're off...

#1. We'll start with a gimme...
#2. A hint for the faithful blog readers-- ligne claire!
#3. I know you know this one...
#4. The most famous man in comics without a signature style?
#5. D&Q has published this cartoonist...
#6. Hint! This comic inspired a cult movie starring Jane Fonda...
And here are the answers. #1: Will Eisner. #2: Joost Swarte. #3: Kim Deitch. #4: Art Spiegelman. #5: R.O. Blechman. And #6: Jean-Claude Forest. Now for the real question: what new anthology are all of these great comics collected in?

The Someday Funnies is a collection of 129 original comic strips about the 1960s, written in the 1970s, and finally published together in the 2010s, edited by Montreal's own Michel Choquette. It's a delightful time capsule with an impressive list of contributors (Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kirby, William S. Burroughs, Federico Fellini, Pete Townshend and Frank Zappa, to name a few more...). Here's how the inside cover describes the project:
In the early 1970s Michel Choquette was already reliving the 1960s. So he tried to find a publisher for the eclectic collection of comic strips he was asking writers and artists in North America and Europe to create for him in memory of that explosive and momentous decade. He came close to succeeding, but in the end was forced to give up and put his ambitious project aside. 

In the early 2010s Michel Choquette still can't forget the 1960s. But he finally has his publisher. Here, after more than a third of a century in storage, are the strips he spent three years travelling around the world to collect and always believed would eventually see the light of day. Here too is his own account of the birth, death, and reincarnation of The Someday Funnies.
You can read more about the book on boing boing and in the Montreal Gazette.

Wait! There's more. Join us this coming Wednesday, November 23rd for the launch of Michel Choquette's The Someday Funnies! Same bat place. Same bat time. Details. And Facebook.

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