Kate Beaton at D+Q! A success!

Last night was the MUCH anticipated launch of Kate Beaton's D+Q book, Hark! A Vagrant. The store was packed to capacity, full of eager and avid fans. So much so that we couldn't fit everyone in the store, leaving a small crowd huddled outside viewing the presentation from the windows. Sorry guys! Alas, our tiny store can't fit all the rabid Kate Beaton fans in the city.

A shot of all the people packed into the store before the presentation. Books were in hands, as everyone awaited Hark! hilarity.  

Kate up on stage describing the process that goes into creating her comics. Here she discusses her fascination with hero/weirdo figure Robinson Crusoe. Prior to Crusoe, she explored Mexican history territory with Juarez and Maximilian.

Right after the talk, people efficiently lined up in a line that went allllll the way to the door in order to meet the lovely Kate. Some people waited for over an hour, so thanks for your patience everyone! As exemplified by the gentleman in the center of the above picture, people passed the time by giggling themselves as they read Hark! A Vagrant.

Here's Kate meeting a fan and signing her book. After the event was over, Kate left the store and said hi to everyone waiting outside, where she did ONE LAST signing: she signed a fat pony on a woman's boob. That is all.

Thanks Kate! The event went great and we hope you get some rest after your long tour.
Hark! A success!

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