Little Otsu

Last week we received a hefty shipment from the Portland-based publishers Little Otsu. Founded in San Fransisco in 2002, Little Otsu specializes in showcasing awesome artists' work in illustrated books and paper goods.
Side note: translated from Japanese, Otsu can mean strange, or quaint, or stylish, or chic or spicy (personal favourite), or witty, or tasty, or romantic.

Let's take a tour of the handsome (and practical!) gems we've got here at the store from Little Spicy.

Little Otsu's Living Things is a series of small books that exhibit an artists' interpretation around the theme of living things. Still available at the D+Q shop are Volume 2 with the work of Jo Dery, Volume 3 with Hannah Waldron, and Volume 4 with Lilli Carré

Also in shop is a beautiful grid notebook (to design your perfect future home with) and a variety of To Do paper pads (to keep track of what you need to buy in order to build said perfect future home).

An item I have been swooning over ever since I saw it on Little Otsu's website is Jennie Smith and Jessica Seamans' A Collection of Ten Postcards. Based around themes of nature, each artist drew 5 postcards using the same medium of watercolour. While each have a distinctive style, the artists complement each other and make for postcards that anyone from my uncle in federal prison to my long-lost twin sister in Latvia would love to get in the mail.

For all you busy bees out there, we have a variety of planners and date books just in time for the new year. Better start planning my trip to Riga, Latvia!

Last up, artist Jeremy Tinder has created a journal perfect for writing bad poetry, love notes, and five year plans. The paper is strong and sturdy, as it was designed specially for enduring massive globules of emotional tears.

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