Montreal! Get yer butts out of bed this weekend and head over to Expozine

Oh, that's right, mes freres, it's that time of year again. No, not "Black Friday," (which I take is some kind of American blood-pudding festival) but Montreal's favourite holiday, EXPOZINE. This is one of your rare chances to see "Mayor of Mile-End" Billy Mavreas south of Fairmount, so, please, don't let it go to waste! Seriously, though, this is a chance to see local (and non-local) zinesters and pierogies whose work you can't find elsewhere, so make sure to come check it out. I recommend heading down early since it gets CROWDED in that church basement. Here are the deets:

November 26-27, 12-6 p.m.
5035 St. Dominique, Montreal
free admission

(The mayor himself, Billy Mavreas!)

Oh, but that's not all! Tonight, Librairie D+Q is hosting an Expozine 10th Anniversary and FOUR MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT launch! It starts at 7 pm, and you can read all about it on good ol' facebook.

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