New in paperback

We've got a couple great books just out in paperback. Perfect for carrying around on brisk fall/winter days.
Nestled in your bag, only to emerge when seated in front of a warm, crackling fire. You huddle in your chair and curl up your legs, preparing to engage yourself fully in the world of your trusty author. The fire fizzles out, 5 minutes into your book. CRIPES, you erupt. You go out into the forest to get more wood, only thinking of where you left off in your book. The story, so intriguing! You speedwalk through the forest, grabbing every decent piece of firewood in your vicinity. Worms on it, who cares! Itsy bitsy people living inside the wood, so what! You rush back home, out of breath, restart the fire, and fall back in your chair reaching for your warm book. IT'S GONE! IT'S BEEN STOLEN! A THIEF HAS BROKEN INTO YOUR APARTMENT IN SEARCH OF A FANTASTIC READ!

Keep these books safe, people. Thieves delight in lightweight books by excellent authors.

C by Tom McCarthy
An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

At Home by Bill Bryson

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