Paravion Press

In this era of the e-book, I can't think of a project more romantic than Paravion Press's postcard book series. These are postcard-sized editions of short works by authors like Mark Twain, Anton Chekhov and Walt Whitman designed to be sent by mail, envelope and all. Combining ol' snail mail and hand-finished art book production, Paravion is like a love letter to the printed word's past. Here's how they describe the genesis of their project:
Paravion Press was born in a bookshop on the cliffs of an island in the south of Greece. The shop swarms with people who love stories and who are far away from loved ones. And it occurred to us that by sending a story in the mail there might, as John Donne put it, be a moment to “mingle souls: for thus, friends absent speak.” So in the back room of the shop we started assembling editions of our favourite short works, and tailored them to be sent by mail.
We are delighted to be one of the limited stockists of these beautiful books...


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