The people love Sherwin Tjia!

I just wanted to congratulate Sherwin Tjia again on the release of his new book, from Conundrum Press, You Are a Cat! (a very cool take on the "choose your own adventure" books, this one from the low level p.o.v. of a cat) and another congratulations on the fantastic turn out at his book launch this past Thursday. It was a night full of happy faces. Never have I seen so many hugs exchanged in this store. Thanks Sherwin!

Here's You Are a Cat! with Sherwin's 2009 graphic novel The Hipless Boy and a Sherwin produced special edition CD recording of cats purring, The E-Z-Purr: The Virtual Cat ("Over an hour of the soothing sounds of a cat's purr!").
Sherwin plays The E-Z-Purr through the mic.
Soothed by the sounds of cats purring.

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