Pope Hats 2

POPE HATS 2 is in stores everyone! Montreal-based artist Ethan Rilly comes back in force with his brand new issue of Pope Hats, a great little comic that presents readers with two short stories: “White Noise Machine” and “Gould Speaks.” Working with subtle dialogue and emotional realism, POPE HATS 2 is a beautiful work that is bound to gain some considerable attention in the world of comics.

Rilly’s artistic progression from the previous issue is absolutely astounding. Opting for a sleeker and more precise line, the work has an undeniable resemblance to the works of Adrian Tomine. And who doesn’t like that! Come on by the store and pick up an issue. Until then, I urge you to take a peek at his website, where you’ll see some illustrations he did of his friend Chester Brown: http://www.popehats.ca/index.html

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