RIVERS FORGOTTEN launch November 17th

All right, so some of us really like the idea of maybe one day being an urban explorifier, spending time deep underground exploring sewers, or high up on sugar silos and other rooftops, checking out the view from abandoned buildings. But here's the thing: some of us (or maybe just me) are also what you might generously call not-so-very-graceful.

Dear some of us: I've found the answer, and it looks a little like this:

... and this...

...and this!

Rivers Forgotten is Toronto photographer and urban enthusiast Jeremy Kai's debut book -- a collection of photographs documenting buried waterways, sewers, and other subterranean water features. I've scooped all these photos from his website, where he posts photographs of underground worlds, abandoned spaces, and the urban environs. He'll be launching his book at the Librairie D+Q on Thursday November 17th at 7 pm.  RSVP on Facebook hereCome on out and learn a little about what goes on underneath our city. 

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