You are a Cat!

Did you ever want to be a cat? Did you ever want to experience the incredible phenomenon of hawking up a hairball? Well now you can, thanks to Sherwin Tjia’s awesome new pick-a-plot book “You are a Cat.”
Now don’t go thinking that it’s all balls of yarn and tummy rubs- you aren’t confined to some cosy apartment. If you like, you can choose to strut your stuff and do the back alley nightlife. If you want to be really bad to the bone, you can go all out and start attacking humans, clawing at their faces to blind them. If that isn’t enough incentive, the book is also filled with stunning cat’s-point-of-view illustrations, giving you a great new perspective on our friendly little companions. Check it out:

Mark your calendars, Sherwin will be launching "You are a Cat!" at the Drawn & Quarterly store on November 10th!

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