I feel like sometimes our food section gets a little neglected. So! I am devoting this blog post to a small portion of the wonderful food books we've got in shop.

Jane Hornby's What To Cook & How To Cook It is one of the most beautifully designed cookbooks I think I've come across. It carries simple delicious recipes and dynamite instructive photographs, making it something that really should be in everyone's kitchen.

In honour of  Charles "Joe-Beef" McKiernan, a "19th century innkeeper and Montreal working class hero," the Joe Beef Cookbook is full of recipes, anecdotes, and how-to's from the Montreal restaurant Joe Beef. I myself have never been to Joe Beef (because my bank account simply won't allow it), so this cookbook is a perfect way to have the world renowned restaurant come straight to my home, and sit neatly (messily?) on my plate. Plus, it includes a forward by your best Lucky Peach friend, David Chang. (Joe Beef)

Speaking of David Chang, we have two cookbooks from two David Chang restaurants, Momofuku and Milk: momofuku milk bar. All I'm going to say is, the recipes and photos in these books look so so SO good. I have to frequently stop myself from actually eating the books themselve.

Published by McSweeneys, Mission Street Food describes itself as such: "Mission Street Food is a restaurant. But it’s also a charitable organization, a taco truck, a burger stand, and a clubhouse for inventive cooks tucked inside an unassuming Chinese take-out place. In all its various incarnations, it upends traditional restaurant conventions, in search of moral and culinary satisfaction.

" (Mission Street Food) And the cookbook is a pretty good representation of their operation. It has recipes, of course, but it also gives us a look at their idealistic business plan and has essays on issues to do with food.

Food Trucks! Montreal doesn't really have any food trucks (save for the lone Grumman 78), so it's really fun to see the variety of food trucks happening throughout North America. I especially like this steel porky food truck. Warning: saliva all over this book. (not true, don't worry. I wiped it off. I'm a professional)

If you are looking for something a bit healthier, then I'll let Heidi Swanson swoop in here. Her two cookbooks, super natural every day and Super Natural Cooking are inspired by the recipes she features on her website (a favourite of mine), 101 Cookbooks. Trust me, this lady knows good food. I made this Brown Butter Spice Cake the other day, and it turned out fantastic. Rave reviews from a 17month old.

Need a kitchen reference book? The Culinarian has definitions and explanations for everything related to cooking and food. A must have.

We've mentioned the Great Food books before, but I just wanted to remind you how excellent this series is. Each author of the books are distinct and absolutely unique is their thoughts toward food, exemplifying how personal one's relationship to eating really is.

And let's not forget the kids. We've got some great food books for little ones, making cooking fun and encouraging healthy tasty eating. Eat yer veggies, kiddies! And then you can have a red velvet cupcake...

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