Color Engineering

In the words of fashion stylist and reality TV star Rachel Zoe, I DIE


Yuichi Yokoyama's Color Engineering reaches new levels of utterly astonishing with over 200 full colour pages, 14 fold-outs and the most extravagant and hyper-stylized paintings/drawings ever. 

This new explosive art-book is designed and edited by Yokoyama himself. It contains drawings and illustrations made with a wide variety of techniques, mixed in with never-seen-before comics and even a cartoon about the man himself, which he's never done before.

Do you see all this?

The exuberance! The dynamism! The colors!!

Expect me to mention it to you as often as I can, for any reason I find appropriate (apologies in advance for that). This book will assuredly be included in my upcoming list of favorite books of the year, it's that sick!

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