A Kid's Paradise of Pages!

We here at Librairie D&Q do our very best to get the greatest and most interesting books for kids in. Here are a few notables:

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
An instant classic, this one appears on more than a few end-of-the-year top books' lists (including mine), and for good reason...it's hilarious!

My Name Is Elizabeth! by Annika Dunklee & Matt Forsythe
Another very funny one with AMAZING illustrations from Matt Forsythe. There absolutely nothing to not love about this book, and it has deservedly been appearing regularly on best-of-2011 lists.

Along A Long Road by Frank Viva
The appeal of bicycling presented with simple, retro drawings. Viva is working on a new book for TOON books and if whatever he's cooking up for that is as gorgeous as this one, we're in for a treat! Check out the book trailer here.

The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes, Illustrated by Laura Carlin
A stone-cold children's classic in a beautiful new edition with illustrations by London artist Laura Carlin. Seriously great, check out more of her work here.

The Dictionary of Ordinary and Extraordinary Animals by Leslie Jonath & Lisa McGuinness
When I was a kid, I could not get enough of sort of thing (and I guess I haven't really changed). Factual information presented alongside illustrations, I would read and reread encyclopedias and stare at the pictures, noticing more details all the time. This book appeals to that kid (and this adult) in the exact same way. Lllamas have three stomachs? Ok, Ok, back to work...ladybugs could hunt and eat in zero gravity? COME ON!

Just A Second by Steve Jenkins
As someone who's attempted to teach the concept of time to a child (spoiler alert: I couldn't), this book was a welcome help. A fun and informative read that will remain a favorite for years to come.

Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C. by Scott C.
If you haven't had the chance to check out Scott C's artwork before, please check here and then come on down and buy this book. Awesome.

The Book About Moomin, Mymble & Little My and
Who Will Comfort Toffle? both by Tove Jansson.
I would be remiss if I did not mention the Moomin books, not because they are published by D&Q Enfant but because they are simply some of the best kid's books ever sent to print. No hyperbole! Truth! If you or a child you know has not yet visited the magical world that Tove Jansson has created, then this just might just be the best time to do it.

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