Around here, all you ever hear about is books. It's books this and books that. Books here and books there. Books, books, books...

Well! Have I got something new for you! I introduce you to...The Magazine! Ohhh yesss! The Magazine is floppy and topical, perfect for trekking around and injecting you with your necessary dosage of culture.

FILLIP Issue No. 15
FILLIP is a fantastic contemporary art magazine from Vancouver. They are really selective and smart about the art they choose to write about, catering to art with substance rather than art that is hyped. Recommended article: A Productive Irritant by Chris Fitzpatrick and Post Brothers on artists who play the role of parasites in the contemporary art system.

Zoetrope, Guest Designer Ryan McGinley
With a new guest designer each month, you never know what to expect with Zoetrope. I would have never guessed to see naked enthusiast Ryan McGinley steering the boat. Aside from 45 pages of naked bodies (I counted), you will find a dark dark story by Ethan Cohen. Can't lose.

WORN, Issue 13
Canada's alternative fashion magazine, WORN is about fashion for those of us who don't look like and aren't rich like [insert attractive and rich person here]. They have fun with clothes and the idea of dressing up. I especially enjoyed their photo story "The Mom Project," where they took young urbanites and had them dress up like their mom did from an old photograph. I felt a gush of warmness after having viewed the genial photographs.

Cabinet, Issue 43: Forensics
Oh Cabinet. My love. One of my favourite magazines on the planet (universe even!), Cabinet never disappoints. I always end up learning about something I had never given much thought to before. For example, you ask? For example, this issue has an article about the collection of undigestible things that were once digested by individuals. Buttons, tiny toy opera glasses, nuggets of gold (!), etc. Found and extracted from people's systems, then collected into a sort of cabinet of curiosity.

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