More Gift Ideas!

We just sent out our mid-December newsletter! It includes over 60 gift ideas from the different sections of the bookstore, surely there's something in it for everyone - Click here to view it!

If you don't already receive the store's bi-monthly newsletter, you can go fill up this form right there and make sure you check the 'Quebec' box. It's the fastest way to find out about the events we host and organize, our workshops and any special deals we might have.

One more thing - it's mentioned in the newsletter but for the sake of spreading the word like crazy, I'll reiterate: we have extended our opening hours for the holidays, enjoy!

December 17th & 18th: 10am - 10pm
December 19th - 23rd: 9am - 10pm
December 24th: 10am - 5pm
December 25th: closed
December 26th - 31st: 11am - 6pm
January 1st: closed

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