Drawings from the Film Beginners

This is a book called Drawings from the Film Beginners by Mike Mills. Mike Mills made this film called Beginners, due out in June. The movie stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer and that lovely French actress from Inglourious Basterds, Mélanie Laurent. The trailer for Beginners makes it look like a poignant film, the kind that will make you laugh and cry and feel like you understand human relations better. It's a good trailer. Ewan McGregor's character in the film is an illustrator and graphic designer who, in one plot point, decides to create an illustrated "History of Sadness." Drawings from the Film Beginners collects that illustrated history, along with other drawings used in the movie and a concluding "History of Love". All the pictures were drawn by the filmmaker Mike Mills. Like the trailer, the book is inspiring, bruised-heart-prodding, really lovely. I really love this book.

Pictured here: The Industrial Revolution, left. Self abandonment, right.

Ishi's cave, left. Landscape painting by Adolf Hitler, 1915, right.

Chicken McNuggets, introduced worldwide 1983.

And from the History of Love:
Attractive female butt from the Renaissance, left. On the right: Ugly male butt. Still attracts because he is confident (he owns it) and because he is powerful career-wise.

The couch of Dr. Sigmund Freud, left. The first crate of Freud's The Interpretations of Dreams arrives in America.

The Klondike

Some of my fondest memories as a kid come from attending the Klondike Days festival in Edmonton. It's a 10 festival that is similar to most summer, fair-like events. Except awesome! Because included amongst the many activities and rides is gold digging! The sullen teen attendants would give me a small shovel and sifter and I would spend HOURS searching for (fake?) gold. I never found very much in the small, fabricated pond area, but it was always really exciting when I found a small (fake?) nugget. This experience may have involved jumping and a down with a quick squeal.

This is all to say that The Klondike by Montreal-based Zach Worton has just been released by D+Q. And I'm really excited. Worton depicts the gold rush in the Great White North, making it easy and pleasurable to learn about Canadian history (perhaps taking a cue from Chester Brown's Louis Riel? Or perhaps he, like I, finds himself fascinated by the lore of the gold hunt).

Following are some panel excerpts taken from Worton's flickr:

Panel exerpt 2

Panel exerpt 1

Unused cover 2

Greasy Goose Salon this Wednesday!

We're happy to announce that the next Greasy Goose Salon will be happening at the store this Wednesday June 1st at 7pm! The theme of this event will be... MAPS! And for the occasion, we are putting all of our map themed books on sale the night of the event.

This event will be featuring the following speakers:

*Sean Michaels, "The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock: The Story of Paris's Most Secret Underground Society"

*Larissa Muzzy, "How to be Map Savvy"

*Joël Thibert, "The Right Not to be Mapped"

*Shane Watt, "Folding Memories and Paper Places: The Semi-fictional World of Shane Watt"

If you're unfamiliar with it, the Greasy Goose Salon is an informal community lecture series that provides a forum for people to present their work or ideas in a friendly, community-minded atmosphere. Each event is based around a broad theme and features speakers approaching the topic from various perspectives: artist talks, academic-style presentations, political lectures, literature readings, public speaking, short workshops, etc. We've hosted the Greasy Goose a few times in the past and, as you can see in the pictures above, it's always been a blast - don't miss this!

This event is free and open to the public. For more info, check out the GGS Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9641788291&v=wall

This Sunday! May 28th! 1-3! Live Music Set!

Join the Librairie this Sunday at 1 PM for FIVE classic kids stories! We'll break for juice and cookies and then regroup at 2 PM for a live music set with Daniel from Lake of Stew. We'll then party on with sidewalk chalk and more cookies and more juice. then we'll throw tantrums and go to bed early.

TCAF haul and new small press releases

A boxful of exciting small press comics and self-published treasures has made its way from TCAF to the store!

The fifth and newest Nobrow Magazine will surely live up to the expectations of the many people that have become addicted to this series of lavishly illustrated and fairly priced books. Featured above is my favorite spread of the book by Chie Miyazaki.

We have Spotting Deer, a new Michael Deforge book from Koyama Press that documents the biology and behavioral patters of the elusive Spotting Deer. Winner of the Pigskin Peters Award at the 2011 Doug Wright Awards!

Michael also illustrated the cover of Root Rot, an art book he helped put together with Anne Koyama from Koyama Press. Here is Hellen Jo's contribution to this forest themed anthology.

Koyama also put out these 3 awesome comic-sized publications by Chris Eliopoulos, Steve Wolfhard (5 thumbs up for Cat Rackham, the best mascot-y character of the year) and our friend Keith Jones, who did a sweet coloring book.

The Chester Brown-approved Streakers (Nick Maandag) follows a club of average joes who fight dullness one instance of nude freedom at a time.

We have a new zine by Patrick Kyle!

... and a new one by Mickey Zacchilli too, who is also featured in Koyama's Root Rot by the way.
This one is called R.A.V 4 and it follows R.A.V 2+3 which we also carry here.

And finally, Koyama goes even more 'gift that keeps giving' on us with the latest collection of Dustin Harbin’s daily strips and Wowee Zonk 3, the third great comics and art anthology from Toronto’s Wowee Zonk collective. This issue features Chris Kuzma, Ginette Lapalme, Patrick Kyle, Zach Worton, Michael DeForge, and Selena Wong just to mention a few...

A lot of these items have a limited print run - and for some it's hard to predict when we'll get more (if at all), so get them while they're here y'alls!

Ilustrado now in paperback!

New in paperback: Miguel Syjuco's international bestseller, award winner, and D+Q staff favourite, Ilustrado! Ilustrado is a great family saga and spanning Philippine history and, bonus, the debut novel from local Montreal (born and raised in Manila) author Syjuco!

"I wath born thith way"

Only Gilbert Hernandez can draw breasts like that and not offend me. New from the creator of the beloved fictional town of Palomar, Love from the Shadows, a mysterious graphic novel starring the heavy chested, high lisped Rosalba "Fritz" Martinez. Love from the Shadows is the third book in Hernandez's series of comic book adaptations of movies starring Luba's half-sister Fritz, following Chance in Hell (2007) and The Troublemakers (2009).

This one's for the babes

You Mile Enders sure got busy this winter. Spring has finally sprung and with it so many pregnant bellies and newborn babes. I can barely take my coffee in peace. Just kidding, you little people are okay. In time for this naissance period, your favourite neighbourhood bookshop has received a whole series of Yo Gabba Gabba! picture books. My sources tell me that the cool kids are crazy for this stuff, which makes sense because who wouldn't love funky furries with syllabic names like Foofa and Brobee dancing through psychedelic landscapes?


Starting Point collects 500 pages worth of essays by, interviews with, and preliminary film proposals by Hayao Miyazaki, the filmmaker responsible for Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and my personal favourite, My Neighbor Totoro. If you've never seen a Miyazaki film, go now. Go to YouTube, do a little search, let the delight wash over you as a totoro roars, or a gang of soot balls surround you.

Beyond giving insight into the creation process and growth of the great artist, all the writing in Starting Points is imbued with the joy and bright hopefulness that characterizes Miyazaki's films.

Included are reprints of comics he did too! This one's called "Dining in Midair" and is a historical examination of meals eaten in airplanes.

Project plan for My Neighbor Totoro:

Also: apparently Osamu Tezuka and Miyazaki were rivals?!?! WHAT SIDE OUGHT ONE TO TAKE?

Starting Points has gossip, comics, and stories about totoros. What more could you want? 

In the Wilds

I find myself, at this very moment in time, aching to visit my Albertan home. I don't want to go back to watch the Oilers do their Oilery thing, or to visit the dinosaur museum, or to swim at West Edmonton Mall, or to bask in their current rainy weather, or to see the pumpjacks in constant action.

Nope. I want to go back because Nigel Peake's In the Wilds, despite being inspired by the English countryside, has reminded me how beautiful and colourful and diverse the Canadian prairies can be (but also, I guess I would want to say hi to my parents). His drawings of hay and roofs and wood are kind of exquisite.

Peake's detailed line-based drawings are super swell. Bordering abstraction and recognizability, these drawings of rural life give me an immediate sense of calm, comfort, and joy.

Winshluss' Pinocchio - Now available in English!

Last Gasp's English edition of the Best Comic Book of Angoulême 2009 just got here! Click here to read about how excited we were when Les Requins Marteaux's original french version hit the store back in February 2009.

"But Julienn! What's the point of getting the English version when the whole book is pretty much wordless and looks just like the French version??" It retails for $30 instead of $60, that's the point you guys.

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