For the crafters and wannabe-crafters (craftsters?) out there: we've got a dynamite selection of craft books in shop! There's a little something for everyone who wants (NEEDS!) a little DIY in their life.

Iron-ons! Whether with SUKIE iron-ons, Iron Me On, or Julia Rothman's Instant Iron-ons, you are bound to have a blast with your iron for the first time ever.

Paper + Craft gives you a handful of ideas on how to transform dulll....borrring...paper into FUN AND EXCITING projects! 

For example: a pinwheel for that awesome dinner party you're planning.

Take off that hideous book cover, and make your own wild book cover.

Has this ever happened to you? You have multiple cups lying around the house between you and your significant other/roommate/mother/father/sibling/whoever, and because there is more than one cup and both you and your significant other/whoever are moving them around throughout the day, you end up drinking out of the glass on the kitchen table, and go to fill it up, and put it on your desk to enjoy it as you work only have your significant other/whoever waltz into the room passive-aggressively and ask WHY YOU ARE CONSTANTLY STEALING HIS/HER CUP, SERIOUSLYWTF, DRINK OUT OF YOUR OWN GLASS! ? Animal drink tags will ensure no glass-related tension arises in your household.

Another great craft book in shop is State of Craft where nothing is uncraftable. Shoes, chairs, lights - you can make anything!

Adjustable jar lamp!


Giant comfy pillow!

Papermania provides you with TONS of paper and cut-out projects. Makes me want to get down and dirty with paper sculpture making.

Cut-out mustaches for those who can't grow adequate facial hair.

Paper cut-out food for a paper cut-out brunch.

  Remember how much fun paint-by-numbers were as a kid? Guess what?  Still so much fun!

On a bit of a different note, though still pertinent, check out Typography Sketchbooks showing the process that goes into creating and refining typography. Need a weekend project? Go for it, make your own type. Easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, we've got pie books! If you don't have time to make your own type, then at least try making some pie, will ya'. Pie=the best. No pie=the worst.

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