Jinchalo? Jinchalo!

Last night Matt Forsythe launched his new Drawn & Quarterly-published book, Jinchalo (the title, as Matt explained, is a Korean word for 'really', to be used in conversations when you're trying to appear like your Korean is up to par) to a full-house.

D&Q chief, Chris Oliveros, is away at the 2nd annual Comic Con India, so production manager Tracy Hurran stepped up to the plate and handled introduction duties wonderfully. There she is sharing some laffs with D&Q creative director and laffs manager, Tommy D., above.

Then the man himself stepped up to the mic and talked about his creative process and the influences he drew from this time out.

Here, Matt is showing us the bookplates that Rebecca Rosen made.

And here, the super-cool sculptures of some of Matt's characters that Tom Torrey made. These are currently being showcased in our window. Come see 'em before they're gone!

Here Matt is showing panels from Jinchalo.

After the presentation, Matt accommodated a long line-up of autograph-seeking attendees, asking only for one thing in return for his signature and a drawing: a firm, friendly handshake. Chatting in the background here you can see a couple of other D&Q talents: Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life) and Pascal Girard (Reunion).

All-in-all, a great night! A big thank you to all of you who attended and another big thank you to Matt, for creating yet another gorgeous book!

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