Our Jinchalo window display is up!

Look at these gorgeous sculptures made by sculptor Tom Torrey! I'm real curious about how they were made, but that's something we can all ask Matthew Forsythe when he's in store for the launch of his new D+Q book this Thursday February 16th at 7 pm.

Here's my attempt at representing a mountain (the podium) and a forest (the covers at the back)
Here are all three figures in one shot.

3D Voguchi!

I'm pretty proud of this dramatic angle...

You don't know how excited I was when I managed to make this fellow look in the direction I wanted it to.

We are also thrilled to have an excuse to display some of Matt's original artwork from the children's book My Name is Elizabeth! and from Jinchalo. It's available for sale at the Librairie, and also online. Come in person to take a closer look!

Lulu approves!

Can you spot the Elizabeth triangle that's happening in this picture?


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