Screen Printing 101

It seems that every time I start geeking out about printing techniques with people, someone will inevitably say, "Man, I wish I could screen print..." It’s understandable; silk screening has such a magical quality to it- the feel of thick ink on paper and fabric, the need for total darkness during exposure, and the very physicality of pressing ink through a thin mesh. Having dabbled with the medium for a few years now, I was pleased to see a new book hit our shelves, Claire Dalquié and Matteo Cossu's SILK SCREEN BASICS: A COMPLETE HOW-TO HANDBOOK. Compared to other silk screening books that I have consulted, this one is a clear winner. The reason for this is simple: unlike the majority of books that concentrate on professional equipment, this book instructs readers on how to build a home printing studio for cheap. No need for an expensive 300$ exposure unit, all you need is a piece of glass, a black t-shirt, and two 500W halogen light bulbs!

Want a more hands-on approach to silk screening? Well you’re in luck! Drawn & Quarterly offers silk screening workshops with the wonderful Leyla Majeri right here at the store. Stay tuned to our blog or sign up to our newsletter, where we will soon announce the registration dates for our next workshop! In the meantime, come on by the store to check out our great variety of books on silk screening and other hand-printing techniques. After all, what else are you going to do on such a cold and miserable day?

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