The Amazing Adventures of Devlin & the Cartoonists

Over the last few weeks, every Tuesday evening, a small group of Montrealers have been convening here at the bookstore and learning, under the tutelage of Tom Devlin, all about the graphic novelabout the history, theory, craft, art, and business of that most special form of storytelling we love so. Tonight is the last night of the course but, good news, Tom will be reprising his Graphic Novel Course at the end of this month starting on Tuesday March 27th and going through April 3rd, 10th and 17th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm!

Tom Devlin is the Creative Director for Drawn & Quarterly, former publisher of Highwater Books, and guest editor of The Comics Journal, and one of the most knowledgeable-of-comics minds you'll ever meet, guaranteed.The intensive 4-week course will provide an overview of graphic novel history, an explanation of the tools of the trade, techniques in storytelling and cartooning, and, finally, the proper way to approach to approach a comics publisher with your graphic novel. The workshop costs $200 for the whole session - this fee covers all supplies needed. Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount on all books at the store for the duration of the workshop. As always, we encourage you to come reserve your spot at the store with a deposit of $130 as soon as you can, the number of participants is limited!

Here's a peek at what the students are up to tonight, on the final night of the course...


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