The Beekeeper's Bible

Honey and bee enthusiasts and potential 'bee-lievers', listen up: this is your ultimate dream book. The Beekeeper's Bible is the most comprehensive book about honey and bees I've ever seen, and it's the prettiest too. PS: It helps if you don't think bees are ugly (which they're NOT).

There's enough in there for both total beginners ('bee-ginners'), and people that are already seriously totally into it.

That's a queen pupa in that opened cell on the right.

The tips, tricks, detailed explanations and anecdotes never end; and so much of the content is visually documented as well, it really is a very pleasing learning experience, you see.

The book is divided into 5 sections: Bees and Beekeeping History (from bees in ancient myths to scientific advances in beekeeping), Understanding the Honeybee (this one includes a fascinating explanation of the social life in the hive), Practical Beekeeping, Honey and Other Bee Products and last but not least, the very helpful Recipes and Home Crafts (cosmetics!).

If you have ANY sort of question about bees or honey, the answer should be in there.

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