Boneshaker Magazine!

Last week's cruel tease of nice weather had a lot of us (winter cyclists excluded) dragging out our bikes and hitting the streets. It was nice while it lasted, but it looks like we're gonna have to wait just a little longer for t-shirt weather. That said, we know it's coming, and we better get ready! Dear Montrealers, check it...Boneshaker Magazine!! It's a beaut of a bike mag, featuring articles, photos & illustrations, history, travel and how-to's, all centered around bicycles and the people who ride 'em. The newest issue is No. 8 (pictured above), but we got in some back issues as well. Currently, good ol' Hangar 211 is the only place in town to get them, so drop by and grab a couple for yourself or any other bike enthusiast you may be acquainted with before they're gone!

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