Pioneering cartoonist Diane Noomin finally gets her first-ever collection after 30 (!) years of waiting!

Two pages from the hilarious and tragic DiDi Has an Orgasm
Most of the stories included in Glitz-2-Go feature Noomin’s alter-ego, DiDi Glitz, described by Fantagraphics as "the frustrated middle-aged glamour-puss and anxiety-ridden suburban Sisyphus".

Aline's Bunch makes a quick cameo in this page originally printed in Twisted Sisters COmics (Last Gasp, 1976)
The book starts with a wonderful foreword by fellow iconic bad girl cartoonist Aline Kominsky-Crumb, who describes Noomin's work as a mixture of Liberace, Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason. The two seem to share a dedication to painfully honest and raw autobio-ish comix. The unapologetically fragile and often contradictory reality depicted in their work truly has an incredibly freeing force.

This is an absolute genius moment in the groundbreaking story 'Baby Talk - A Tale of 4 Miscarriages.' Here, DiDi interrupts the comic to confront the author about the drawbacks of hiding behind fiction to share her difficult story.
Glitz-2-Go not only collects nearly 40 years of comics stories by Diane Noomin, it also spotlights some of her other creative projects, such as the set design for the DiDi Glitz musical comedy and a larger-than-life DiDi papier-maché sculpture she built in 1994.

I love the pages in color at the end, such fabulous illustrations!
Here's a video preview of what's inside:


“Tarty, naive Glitz is part Barbie Doll, part Alice in Wonderland and part Madonna.” – ArtForum

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